Cunae Umbra: The Hunter

The creature crashed through rotten vegetation. It needed to find safety. A cave or a broken prey-nest or a deep place. The metal worm wouldn’t wake in there. Then the creature would wait for the prey-things to come find it again. This time it would break the prey-things metal hide and gorge on its marrow. This time the metal worm wouldn’t stop it. But first it needed to find the Cradle of Shadow∗.  No, safety. It needed to find sa… ∗the Cradle of Shadow∗ Yes that was it. The creature sniffed at the rank air of the mist shrouded of the bayou and set after the spicy scent of unnatural energies at the center of the swamp.


“Connection to Djinn-spine re-established. Control is regained great lord.”
“Good. Resume the hunt.”



This little fella started life as a WIP of a henchman in an old inquisitor warband, one that I now recognize as immature and conceptually unwhole. Pretty much the only thing that remains of the old project, Dark Dealings on Prekora, is the miniature above and its concept: a murderous xenoform enslaved by arcane technologies to do the bidding of a shadowy overlord. Now the filthy critter belongs to one of my current inq warband projects: Cunae Umbra.

Cunae Umbra is an excercise in trying to convey a story with as few a words as possible and practicing to create tone and mood with paint. Also, I’m experimenting with clear resin on bases and not having very good success so far. The hunters base was originally made for Massive Voodoo’s water base challenge. Suffice to say I didn’t place, but I’m not too sad. I learned a lot in the process and I think it looks good with the hunter on it.

Older water base for comparison

Of course Project Prekora left me with some painted miniatures too which I’ll dump here to conclude this update 😀


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