Hi there!

Welcome to Caligo Abyss. I’m Sampsa and I’ll be blogging about all manner of queer,         eldritch and baroque things I come up with in my forays into the worlds of Age of Sigmar, Warhammer 40K (and maybe 30K), and assorted other scifi and fantasy settings. This isn’t my first attempt at a project log/blog/whatever, and if you’re interested, you can find my old project logs on Dakka Dakka and Ammobunker.

I’ll endeavor to post something new at least once a week and I’ll try to update my Instagram somewhat more often. What ends up in here will be mostly finished works and musings and WIPs will end up on Instagram, though some WIPs might just as well end up here if I have something important to say about it. Much like with my previous projects, I don’t really care for army building, but I focus on characterful warbands and single miniatures that capture my imagination. Its really important to me that the end result has “soul”. Also, if you’re looking for someone who paints or sculpts well, you might need to look somewhere else. My habit of switching hobbies every now and then has left my skill average at best and more importantly, I prize having my own style instead of copying someone elses.

Thanks for stopping by and even more thanks if you decide to follow this blog. I’ll try to have something to show tomorrow.

PS. I’m still getting the hang of this platform so there might be some changes over time and tutorial texts here and there so sorry about that. Here, have a picture of an old          Inquisitor of mine as an apology 😛wanha-e1510610180795.jpg


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